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 Documents needed for the application of legalization

If the documents issued in Ireland are to be used in China, they need to be legalized. You may apply in person or entrust someone else to apply for legalization at the Chinese Embassy. Documents you need to prepare for the legalization include:

1). A completed Application Form of Notarization/Legalization;

2). The original copy of the notarial document legalized by Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade of Ireland and a photocopy of the document;

3). Documents containing two or more than two pages must be tied together and sealed properly by the notary office;

4). If there is any blank page in your documents (including covers), please mark this page with letters such as "This page has no contents.";

5). Your valid passport and a photocopy of your passport;

6). If you have entrusted someone else to apply for legalization on your behalf, the entrustee must provide his or her valid Passport and a photocopy of the passport, as well as a photocopy of your passport;

7). If the legalization concerns documents of a company or an organization, you also need to provide a photocopy of the legal representative's passport and a document which proves the legal status of the company's legal representative.

Some particulars for attention:

1. The Chinese embassy and consulates are only responsible for the authenticity of the signatures of the officials of Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade. The issuing party should be responsible for the content of the documents.

2. In the case that the entrustee is, unwilling to open the envelope containing the document for legalization and not being able to answer relevant questions, or not being able to provide relevant documents, the Chinese embassy or consulate reserves the right to decline the application and does not take responsibilities for the delay of processing the application if the required document is not provided in time.

3. The Chinese embassy or consulate only issues a ticket for collecting the documents for legalization and does not sign on any receipts after having received the application documents.

All rights of explanation of the above contents are reserved to the Chinese embassy and consulates.

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