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Remarks by H.E. Dr. Yue Xiaoyong at the reception in celebration of the 90th anniversary of PLA (extract)

Welcome to the reception in celebration of the 90th anniversary of People’s Liberation Army of China.

90 years ago, People’s Liberation Army of China, the PLA, was born at a life-or-death moment of the Chinese nation. As a true people’s army from the beginning of its birth, the great mission of this army has always been to serve the people and pursue peace. In the long and hard struggle of the Chinese People in modern history, this glorious army of China won victories one after another together with its people, and made indelible historic contribution for independence and freedom of China and the liberation of Chinese people. Over the past 90 years, our great army kept up with the changing of international and national security environment. As President Xi put it, PLA’s 90 years struggle has formed and crystallized precious core spirit of our people’s Army, the spirit composed of such most cherished values of our nation and people as steadfast with ideal, firm in faith, holding dear for glorious traditions and resolute tenacity in hardships.

Today, under the leadership of President Xi Jinping, PLA has maintained its mission and spirit and successfully taken a new look, focusing on self-strengthening to make itself a slim but strong military service ready to assemble, capable of fighting and able to prevail for people’s cause and peace of the world. A historical breakthrough is made on China’s national defence and military reform and materialized new transform action to the whole service building since 18th CPC National Congress in 2012. PLA will certainly and firmly safeguard our great national interests on sovereignty, security and development as well as the “Chinese dream” of national renewal and “Two Centenary Goals”. Last week, President Xi pointed out that it is CPC’s solemn commitment to complete the building of an ever stronger and more prosperous Chinese society by 2020; after achieving the first Centenary Goal, we will keep on our nationwide modernization drive to reach the second Centenary Goal to bring into being the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.

Ladies and Gentlemen

Chinese President Xi Jinping again recently said, “China will do well only when and by way that the world does as well”. China will keep on maintaining global peace and promoting common development. China’s military service is always a staunch force for world or regional peace and stability. In recent years, PLA has been actively engaged in all around mutual-beneficial international cooperation and exchanges, which has helped promote mutual-trust with all of our partners and friends. China has continuously made contribution to international security by participating in peacekeeping actions, anti-terrorism exercises, anti-pirate patrols and humanitarian assistance missions. All those efforts highlighted China’s determination and readiness as a responsible country and has been welcomed and appreciated worldwide. China will continue to advocate peace, development, cooperation and mutual benefits, and pursue the New Security Concept that focuses on common, comprehensive, cooperative and sustainable security. We will work timelessly and whole-heartedly for world peace and common development of all, and will be ready as a reliable force for maintaining international order based on and enshrined in the UN Charter.

I want to particularly emphasize today that Sino-Irish ties are strong and growing. Since the Strategic Partnership of Mutually Beneficial Cooperation was established between China and Ireland, our bilateral high-level visits have been conducted frequently and the strategic mutual trust has been deepened constantly. The win-win results are fruitful with further strengthened communication and cooperation in international affairs and ever growing exchanges in various field. The relations between China and Ireland have enjoyed a positive momentum these years with military ties and cooperation advanced steadily. The sound growth of our bilateral military relations embodies the wisdom and efforts of peoples from all walks of life in both countries. The achievements in China-Ireland relationship indicate that mutual respect, equality and mutual benefit are indeed fundamental principles for long and stable bilateral ties. Both sides should continue to cherish and uphold all these principles, which will not only serve the interest of two peoples but also help to promote world peace and prosperity.

My dear friends,

May I take this opportunity to extend heartfelt thanks to all of you present today for coming to this most meaningful and significant event. With our joint efforts, Sino-Irish bilateral military ties and the overall relationship will surely be elevated to a new high, and human society as a whole will certainly be safer and stronger.

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