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Grand Opening for China-Ireland Art Show at Dublin Castle

In the wake of beautiful Chinese traditional Mid-Autumn Festival evenings and in the early moon shining night of Oct.6,2017, a celebration of Sino-Irish Disciplines in poetry,painting,calligraphy and sculpture event Beyond The Three Perfections was grandly opened at Dublin Castle. H.E. Ambassador Yue Xiao Yong attended the event and met with Ms. Mary Heffernan, Director Custodian Dublin Castle and Farmleigh from the Office of Public Works In Ireland´╝îMs.Janie Ligon, Non-Executive Director,Value Retail (Kildare Village).

Ambassador Yue remarked both China and Ireland are countries of rich cultural heritages, the continuing cultural dialogues between China and Ireland will certainly benefit the mutual understanding and good relationship in all respects. Ambassador Yue also expressed his gratefulness to OPW and other associated partners Peking Art Associates and Kildare Village who have made this exhibition possible.

Chinese artist Wu Weishan's sculpture Laozi, gift to President Michael Higgins in 2014, Wei Ligang's calligraphy and painting works together with those of Irish artists Patricia Hudak, Patrick Scott attracted great interests from the artistic and business circles, over 200 dignities all over Dublin and from the UK joined the celebration.

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