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Chinese Vice President Xi Jinping Meets with Irish Prime Minister Kenny

On March 26, 2012, Chinese Vice President Xi Jinping met with Irish Prime Minister Enda Kenny in Diaoyutai State Guesthouse in Beijing.

Xi Jinping said that he very pleased to meet Prime Minister Kenny once again in a short period of time. He thanked the Irish government for the warm hospitality accorded to him during his visit to Ireland. Xi said that through the visit he had two prominent feelings about the relationship between China and Ireland.

First, there is a broad and promising prospect to strengthen friendly cooperation between China and Ireland. The friendly personages from all walks of life in Ireland all actively advocate developing relations with China. The two sides enjoy many complementarities in technology, market, talents and many other aspects and have great potentials for cooperation. The two peoples have the quality and tradition of being fortitudinous, simple, industrious and brave and have a common language on many issues. All these have provided favorable conditions for the two countries to engage in bilateral and international cooperation.

Second, the China-Ireland relations can become the "vanguard" for the development of China-EU relations. The two countries have overcome the difference in national systems, national conditions, sizes and other aspects and have paid attention to seeking common ground while reserving differences, treating each other as equals, respecting and trusting each other in the courses of exchanges. The relationship between the two countries has become a model of friendly coexistence between countries of different sizes, cultures, and systems. He expressed the hope that the two sides will continue to show mutual respect and mutual support to each other in relation to the issues concerning each other's major core interests and set an example for the EU countries to develop relations with China. He also expressed the belief that the China-Ireland relationship will be able to ride on the momentum and achieve greater development in the new historical period.

Kenny said that Vice President Xi's visit to Ireland the month before was very successful, left a deep impression to the people of Ireland, and injected a strong impetus to the development of Ireland-China relations. He said that the main goal of his visit is to implement the cooperation consensus reached by the two sides during Vice President Xi's visit to Ireland and upgrade Ireland-China relations and EU-China relations to a new level.

Vice Foreign Minister Zhang Zhijun and Chinese Ambassador to Ireland Luo Linquan were also present at the meeting.


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