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Chinese Vice President Xi Jinping Visits an Irish Farm

On the morning of February 19, 2012, local time, Chinese Vice President Xi Jinping, who was visiting Ireland, visited James Lynch's farm in the company of Irish Agriculture, Food and Marine Minister Simon Coveney.


Chinese Vice President Xi Jinping Visiting James Lynch's Farm in the Company of Irish Agriculture, Food and Marine Minister Simon Coveney (1st L).
Xi Jinping petting the calf born the day before.

Vice President Xi mashed his way through the muddy grass and went into a farmer' house, farm, barn, pasture and cows delivery rooms to observe and understand the operations of the farm, product processing and production, marketing, sanitation inspection and quarantine, and other related aspects. He was invited into the home of the farmer and had a cordial conversation with the family. He asked about their work and daily life, children's education, leisure time arrangements and other aspects of their life. The host warmly invited Xi Jinping to taste the Irish coffee with a long history and presented souvenirs to Xi. In return, Xi Jinping presented a traditional Chinese painting printed with the Chinese characters meaning "prosperous and auspicious" and panda toys to the family.


 Chinese Vice President Xi Jinping visited James Lynch's farm in Shannon, Ireland on 19 February 2012.  He chatting with the Lynch family and tasted the Irish coffee.

Vice President Xi said that Ireland is famous for well-developed agriculture and animal husbandry. "I'm attracted here by its reputation. I wish to understand through field visits the development of agriculture and animal husbandry in Ireland and explore effective ways and means of cooperation with Ireland in agriculture and animal husbandry. My outstanding impression is that the development of Irish agriculture and animal husbandry is firstly attributed to the unique natural conditions of Ireland, secondly to the diligent efforts of the Irish people, and thirdly to the scientific and advanced management. In particular, it is commendable that in the past several decades when Ireland completed the transformation from an agricultural and pastoral economy to a knowledge-based economy, Ireland still attaches great importance to retaining the fine tradition of agriculture and animal husbandry and maintaining the characteristics of farming civilization. Therefore, the country's industrial structure is more balanced and it also played a positive role in the fight against the international financial crisis. That proves the government's policy is correct and effective."

Vice President Xi said that China is a populous country and a big agricultural country. The two sides have respective advantages in agriculture, animal husbandry and food processing and enjoy great potentials for cooperation. Both sides could learn from each other and carry out mutually beneficial cooperation. This can not only benefit both countries, but also contribute to safeguarding global food security. Xi extended a welcome to the Agriculture, Food and Marine Minister and farmers to visit China, learn more about China and contribute their parts to promoting the agricultural cooperation between China and Ireland.


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